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$1 Membership, Free access to kayaks and equipment, Free Quality Coaching. We are all about children and youth in our local community.

Wainoni, Christchurch

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What we do 

Our focus is on making participation in Sprint Kayaking, and watersports in general, accessible to children and youth in our local community on the East side of Christchurch. We aim to do this by removing the monetary and cultural barriers that have till now prevented participation by many. 

We are focused primarily on children and youth, and  teach kayaking, provide equipment, training programs, coaching, and above all have fun. In order to paddle with us you must be able to follow instruction, swim 50 metres in light clothing while wearing a buoyancy aid, be able to submerge and close your airways without taking in water, be self-transferring. We are affiliated to Canoe Racing New Zealand and deliver their Try Learn Explore program for entry level paddlers. We have also made a commitment to Paddleable and are working towards being disability inclusive. We try to be flexible and adapt what we do to allow that to happen. We care about others and do our best to make sure that everyone who gets in a kayak, has a positive and fun experience. We want all our members to feel valued and included, and while we celebrate our kayak racing achievements, our main focus is on encouraging the development and refinement of sound process, values, teamwork, and character to enable our members to navigate their way forward to achieve their potential. The latter are our primary measures of success. 

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If you would like more information on kayak racing and the sports national body, click the link below and you will be taken to the Canoe Racing New Zealand(CRNZ) web site. There are opportunities for those members who are interested to attend  the CRNZ National Sprint Championships in April each year. This event is in the North Island at Lake Karapiro, and Eastside Paddlers actively seek funding to support our members to attend.

ESP have also made a commitment to PaddleAble

PaddleAble is all about developing an inclusive paddling community and overcoming the barriers faced by those with disabilities  to participation in sport for fun, wellbeing and competition.  For further information click below.

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 Affordable Kayaking

We are a registered charity, and only charge $1 membership ( or feel free to donate what you think its worth over and above that to help us with club costs).  We provide free access to boats and equipment and do not charge for coaching on our  programs. 

We actively apply for funding, and seek sponsorship to assist with travel costs to attend kayak regattas and keep costs as low as possible.


Eastside Paddlers offers two core kayaking programs to the community, Try Learn Explore, and Tagata Folau. We have also made a commitment to PaddleAble to enable us to work better with disabilities. Our core programs range from entry level kayaking, to paddling for fun and health and wellbeing, through to advanced competitive kayak racing. We cater to all abilities. In addition, the club offer private kayak technique sessions for older paddlers, and will also soon offer kids holiday programs. 


We keep our overheads low as we have no clubrooms, and instead make use of public facilities and red zoned areas of Christchurch to deliver our services. We have a large covered trailer, are fully mobile, and are able to operate on almost any of Canterbury's waterways. 

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Which program is for me?

We have made a commitment to PaddleAble in delivering all our programs inclusively where we are able to do so safely.

Entry level paddlers  - start with Try Learn Explore

Those who have paddled before  - Tagata Folau

Click on the button below for more information on these programs.

If you are unsure, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


Paul Fidow and our other coaches are available for one-on -one kayak technique sessions, whether that be the final tweaks before your big race, or a longer term project. Our coaches provide their time voluntarily, but a koha to the club is suggested for these sessions. This is one of the ways that we cover the costs associated with delivering our programs. 
You are welcome to request a specific kayak coach, but sessions are subject to coach availability. If you would like to arrange a kayak session, get in touch by clicking the button below and introducing yourself. We would love to help you on your journey.


Help us to help the community

Eastside Paddlers aim is to increase access to kayaking by addressing the financial and cultural barriers that we believe are currently restricting access by our local community in East Christchurch. We address the fiscal barriers by offering free coaching, free access to equipment, and only charge a $1 membership fee.

We operate out of a large covered trailer, and do not have a clubhouse in order to minimise our expenses. Our coaches charge nothing to our members. That being said, there are ongoing daily running costs that need to be covered and we are heavily reliant on the goodwill of the community to help us to deliver our programs.

Thank you for taking the time to read about what we do and considering a contribution.

  • Monetary Donations

    Any financial donations are gratefully received. We are a registered charity, and if you require a receipt for tax purposes we will be happy to provide this.

    Simply make contact by clicking the button below and we will provide you with the necessary information to do this.  

  • Donate equipment

    We are a new club, and are still building up our stock of equipment. If you have an old kayak, paddle, or related equipment for donation, please get in touch. We will collect most things and either add them to our club inventory for the use of members, or sell the item and allocate the proceeds to our running costs. Simply make contact by clicking the button below. Fill out the contact form and we will be in touch to get this underway. 

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Important club Documents

If you have any questions, please ask.
  • Our clubs foundation document. Outlines our rules and culture.

Club Code of Conduct
  • Outlines what we expect of our members and their parents

Code of Conduct 
Risk Assessment Management Plan(RAM)
  • Outlines identified risks and how these will be managed

Emergency Action Plan

What we will do in the unlikely event that something happens.

Incident Form

To be used to report any incidents that occur

Incident Form

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ESP - Thanks to All       our supporters. 

To undertake our mahi within the community and make kayaking available to everyone, we are dependent on our funders and those who so selflessly provide support for this undertaking. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed.